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emhs2 - 5 Is it easy to solve Clear link between problem...

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Christopher Hoar Chapter 2 Emergency Management Stakeholders Questions 1.) False 2.) True 3.) B Project Impact 4.) D Informational Power 5.) A Economic 6.) A 7.) True 8.) False 1) Someone who feels that they have something to gain or lose in a situation, 2) Social, Economical an Governmental Groups 3) Legitimate, Informational and Coercive 4) Identify Hazards. Asses Problems design policy
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Is it easy to solve? Clear link between problem and solution? Resources required to solve problem? 6) It draws public attention and calls for proper planning 7) Stakeholders 8) Informational Power can be different by gaining power when they withhold information 9) NFIP National Flood Insurance Program...
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