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Christopher Hoar HU-111-71 September 6, 2007 To the Editor: First off id like to say that the “My father and the loan sharks” written by David D’Alessandro is an extremely strong and well written article. I personally as the reader agreed with many of the comments made by the writer. The article was also informative finding out new information, which is always important when looking into an important topic such as this one. The article started out with mentioning a little bit of the writers history and knowledge of the topic at hand showing how much somebody can actually be effected let alone hurt by getting into a bad situation such as addictive gambling. I personally understand where the writer is coming from when he said, “he understands where the state is coming from… and that the state could profit from the casino”. On the other hand though there are pros and cons to all things and I feel that the writer is correct
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Unformatted text preview: in saying that the cons outweigh the pros. More money to the state will never justify addictive gambling, poverty and bankruptcy. I also feel that people should be more responsible and be able to have such a commodity around but face it not everyone is and never will be. I also feel that some areas of the article were a tad blown out of proportion such as finding “many people having to deal with organized crime when getting into gambling”. I feel as though crime in those situations are pretty well under control but I as an everyday person could be very well be wrong on that subject and I am no expert. All in all I am indifferent about casinos coming into Massachusetts. I personally have the self conrole needed to stay out of trouble and certain danger, but I also would hate to see this great and amazing state go to rubble all for just a few extra bucks....
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