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Christopher Hoar Mrs . Craghead HU-1111-71 English comp . 10-10-07 Low Paying Job The book Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich is about Ehnreiche’s struggle entering into the poverty level of society in order to see what it was like to work as one of the less fortunate people . The jobs that Ehnreiche had to perform and undergo were not easy jobs, they were in stressful environments and asked for Ehnreiche to perform many grueling and difficult tasks . Just as Ehnreiche had to deal with difficult jobs and work places in her span of time as a minimum wage employee so have I . I have dealt with jobs that pay well along with ones that pay poorly . I have also had jobs with difficult hours and bosses along with mental and physical strain . I have concluded by what I have read from Ehnreiches’ observations, evidence, and along with my own experiences through my many years of hard working jobs, that most people have to start somewhere and in conclusion to that the majority of the world start with low paying wages and works their way up to better paying jobs . Throughout the book Ehnreiche had jobs that vary from working in cheap run down restaurants, private jobs, to corporate businesses all of which has there low points and no real high points . One of Ehnreiche’s first jobs was being a waitress at a dinner. Ehnreiche hated the condition of the dinner along with the managers who didn’t really care for their employees at all .
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low paying jobs - Christopher Hoar Mrs. Craghead HU-1111-71...

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