responce 2 - Hoar1 Christopher Hoar Mrs. Craghead...

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Hoar1 Christopher Hoar Mrs. Craghead HU-1111-71 10/1/07 Response to question #2 of Nickel and Dimed While I read into the book Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich further I don’t feel as though my perception of blue collared Americans transformed or were changed much at all. I know that people who live in lower wage situations, basically on the fall into poverty have it difficult. But I feel that by me reading this book it has just brought it more to my attention and has informed me on a slightly higher level then I had thought before. I have always been some what well of with my own money being taught by my mother whom graduated college with a business management and accounting degree. I was taught all the do’s and don’ts to handling your money. While reading this I thought to myself people may not have been taught like I have and by not making enough money as it is they end up getting caught in a trap before they know it. Also instances might come up like Holly becoming pregnant limiting her future performance for a period of
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responce 2 - Hoar1 Christopher Hoar Mrs. Craghead...

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