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res3 - " He has cultivated a view of women as an...

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Christopher Hoar Mrs .Craghead English 3-27-08 Women and War In the story "Soldier's Home," by Hemingway, the main character Harold Krebs returns to his hometown after fighting in the Army during WWI . Once Harold returns from war he realizes that he is much more remote from the people in his hometown especially from younger women . Even though he is at the stage in his life where most young men look to settle down and have a relationship Harold has undergone through a major change in his life . Destroyed by his experiences and possible actions as a soldier, Harold feels that he cannot love anymore, not even his own mother . Harold indirectly has lost himself by the war and lacks the motivation to pursue girls . All he can manage to do is enjoy their physical attributes . One thing Harold liked about being in Europe during the war was the language barrier between him and the other girls in the area . Harold even says, "There was not all this talking
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Unformatted text preview: ." He has cultivated a view of women as an optional source of pleasure "You did not need a girl unless you thought about them ." (187) Wither Harold has produced this insecurity towards women because of some action or event that may have taken place while over in Europe, it is quite clear that he has had enough of women for the time being . Harold goes on to say that he doesn’t want to become a “Charley Simmons” (189) and marry a girl, and become a “credit to the community .” (189) Harold overwhelmingly feels that he cannot love anymore and has even gotten to the point where he no longer believes in religion . During this his free time, Harold sleeps late and hangs around all day . He is a hero to his younger sisters, to his mother and and father along with the other members of society . The war and army had inadvertently manipulated Harold’s’ mind to think and believe that he no longer needed a girl ....
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res3 - " He has cultivated a view of women as an...

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