Study Guide Units 11,12,13,15

Study Guide Units 11,12,13,15 - Review Chapters 11,12,13,15...

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Review Chapters 11,12,13,15 Lifeboat Construction/Davits/Ops Watchkeeping Review Davits should be clear of obstructions in order to launch in case of emergency. Three main types of Launching Systems: 1.Single Wire- Radial 2. Double wire- Normal Gravity Davits 3. Free fall –Enclosed Lifeboats stern launching Gravity Davit advantage can be released by one man. Davits with Boat stowed on Davit instead of cradle or Chock: Miranda Gravity Davits Crescent Span wire used to support manropes. Frapping lines hold the boat against the ship to reduce boat swinging as it is lowered. Tricing pendants pull boat alongside the ship for embarkation. Released when all crew is onboard. Gripes secure the boat to the davit and are the first to be released. Limit switch stops davit arms before they reach the stops on the davit. Winch should be stopped just prior to tripping Limit Switches, and hand cranked the final 12 inches. Limit switches should be tested at least once every three months. Types of release mechanisms: On-Load- Boat can be released at any time- example Rottmer releasing gear
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Off-Load-Boat can be released when buoyancy removes weight from falls. Preventer bars prevent falls from jumping out of hooks before they are
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Study Guide Units 11,12,13,15 - Review Chapters 11,12,13,15...

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