Case Application - Threads of History

Case Application - Threads of History - Case Application...

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Case Application: Threads of History 1. Q : How might principles of scientific management be useful to Springs Industries? How about the quantitative approach? A : Scientific management is the use of the scientific method to determine the best possible way to complete a job. Obviously times have changed since Springs Industries first began back in 1887 and its management must evolve with it. Since this time the home-furnishings industry as changed how resources are used to create the final product and even the products themselves evolved to meet customer standards. Scientific management would be the best approach to use because it analyzes every situation separately to reach the best conclusion. If Springs Industries was not selling as much as they wanted, they might have special deals on furniture products they sell. But if they were already giving special deals, and the same problem arose (not making enough profit), by analyzing the situation, they might move on to TV advertising. This shows scientific method, by examining what promotions they already have running and coordinating others, rather than simply only running special prices all the time. On the other hand, quantitative approach is the use of quantitative techniques to improve decision making. This approach has also been called operations research or management science. Using mathematics or statistics to speed up a process or to find an answer to a problem faced by a manager
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Case Application - Threads of History - Case Application...

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