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Unformatted text preview: 2. A company manufactures two different size backyard swing sets. The larger requires 5 hours of labor to complete, the smaller requires 2 hours, and there are 700 hours of labor available each week. The packaging department can pack at most 185 swing sets per week. If the profit is $100 on each larger set and $50 on each smaller set, how many of each should be produced to yield maximum profit? What is the maximum profit? Title: May 29:13 AM (1 of 8) Title: May 29:27 AM (2 of 8) Title: May 29:27 AM (3 of 8) Title: May 29:44 AM (4 of 8) Title: May 29:57 AM (5 of 8) Title: May 210:07 AM (6 of 8) Title: May 210:16 AM (7 of 8) Title: May 210:22 AM (8 of 8) ...
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