Tomorrow's Workforce - 1 Tomorrow's Workforce For many...

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Tomorrow's Workforce For many seventeen and eighteen year old teenagers, fresh out of high school, college seems to be the next step on their journey through life. Other high school graduates immediately enter the workforce, which is becoming more and more an oddity due to the current fast paced job market. Students directly out of high school, without specific job training, tend to earn less than those who further their education. The need for highly trained professionals has risen because of technological advances brought on by computers and related machinery. Many critics try to argue the fact many jobs have been completely replaced by computers and others have severely declined. In the future there will be more and more of a push towards college education, as additional training for specific jobs such as accountants, business majors, healthcare professionals, engineers, and numerous highly educated occupations. The main purpose of higher education is to train an individual for a specific occupation, which they will acquire in the near future. It is the college's purpose to accurately train these students to fully complete their tasks so that they can efficiently perform their duty. If colleges do not effectively train their students for their task, handing out diplomas to these individuals,
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Tomorrow's Workforce - 1 Tomorrow's Workforce For many...

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