Book Review - Courage and Calling

Book Review - Courage and Calling - Courage and Calling...

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Courage and Calling – Book Review The book “Courage and Calling” by Gordon T. Smith was truly an outstanding one. The book is not the typical book you would pick up and start reading, but it does however send out a good message to the reader. The book’s main purpose is to teach us about vocation, which in Latin translates to “calling.” Vocation is the reasoning of what our purpose or mission is in life. It does not just talk about our calling, but it makes you look inside yourself and really think about what you are doing here on earth. It teaches you the advantages of thinking vocationally, teaches you how to find out who you are and how to use your potential to the maximum, and teaches you that life is not as perfect or as easy as you want it to be and helps you deal with it. “Courage and Calling” is a book that when you finish reading it, you feel good and refreshed about yourself and makes you want to start a life of completion, positivity and truth. The book is divided into two halves. The first half is called, “Take a Sober Look at Yourself,” and has to do with learning and going deeper into self knowledge. The first chapter of the book teaches us that we need guidance in our lives and that we face many crises that we could use a little help of God’s guidance with. It is not always easy to find a balance between work, pleasure and obligations, but thinking vocationally can help us find that balance. Self knowledge is important and is often the main problem of why we do not know what our goal is on earth. We must recognize our gifts and
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Book Review - Courage and Calling - Courage and Calling...

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