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book review - Courage and Calling(Book Review After reading...

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Courage and Calling (Book Review) After reading the book, Courage and Calling by Gordon T. Smith, I can truly say that I have a different view of my own purpose in life. I am thankful to have been blessed with Smith’s teachings. Smith’s book is revolved around the idea that every person has his/her own vocation in life. The word vocation refers the Latin translation of “calling” as written in the title of the book. Smith views calling as one’s purpose or mission during his/her life. He also explains that a person can have multiple callings in his life such as taking the role of a father and a husband at the same time. This way of thinking and reasoning is completely new to me. I have always believed that I there’s only one purpose for my life. I thought that I had to seek out that purpose to truly fulfill my life. I know now that I don’t need to search for my vocation because if I look closely at what I enjoy most in my life currently, I have found my vocation. I realize that I enjoy learning right now so I am taking the role of a student. My vocation right now is that of a student until I find another joy in which I can help serve others. Through reading Smith’s book, I have come to many realizations. There are many distractions in life that often lead us away from our true vocation and impose am “ideal” and not valid way of life that everyone should be living. Each person has his/her own purpose in life and that means not everyone is meant to be a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman, or any of the socially accepted occupations that we have nowadays. Just like in Smith’s title, to fulfill one’s vocation it takes more than just knowing one’s vocation, it also takes courage. It can be hard for a person growing up with a family history of doctors to tell his family and himself that his real vocation is to be a teacher. This man may have great study skills and be a decent doctor, but he would be
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book review - Courage and Calling(Book Review After reading...

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