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LEADERSHIP FINAL QUESTION #1 - Matthew Lekatz Final...

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Matthew Lekatz Final Question #1 EdPa 3302W Christen Christopherson and Aaron Asmundson Learning Through Public Achievement and Others The medium of leadership and the currency of leadership lie in the personal resources of people. And, leadership shapes the systems that produce patterns of interaction and the meanings that other participants attach to organizational events.” (Ogawa, Bossert, 1995. pp 294) This quote comes from a great article by Steven T. Bossert that explains how leadership can be acted upon the way our class designed it to. This quote ties into how the main project of the second level Leadership class was the Public Achievement project, more importantly process involved in accomplishing a product. At the beginning of work I originally found myself very shy and scared of what my role in the project would end up being. I felt the same way in class as well; shy and very quiet, especially after seeing all these people so full of life and potential, I felt that there were parts of me inferior to others’. When time was growing close to the Issues Convention, I felt myself growing very comfortable being in the class and being able to speak what I felt, and had lost the inferior thoughts about myself compared to everyone else. The issues we brought up during the convention were definitely those that I thought were going to be what people wanted to work into. I didn’t want to be stereotypical and do something that others’ may have done previously through student groups or another organization. I wanted to do a
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project that would make myself and the others’ in the group work very closely and communicative together and working the political and policy side of HIV is where I saw the most potential. I was really confident in the people working with me, and I knew that we were going to do something special. The days that passed between when our topic was assigned and our first few meetings were times where I felt us all as a group were very scattered with our intentions and our own self interests within working with policy. There were thoughts of creating a publication (whether it be a pamphlet or power point) to pass out to politicians, focusing on the opinions of others effected by HIV or us in the group passionate about the issue compared to politicians through interviews, but we came to the conclusion over some time, that by holding an event all at one time would be the most effective. By doing this we were lucky enough to not
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