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Matthew Lekatz Final Question #2 EdPa 3302W Christen Christopherson and Aaron Asumndson Future Possibilities in Leadership My community will be changed for the better because I plan to someday use a degree, especially the minor degree in leadership to work with others, whether it be through my career or through advocacy work where work is needed. I originally wanted to get the Leadership Minor degree to be more capable of being able to gain qualities needed in order to be the one single leader of a group. I had aspirations of owning a business after college, which I learned won’t be nearly as easy as I had originally thought. My original plan was to go through college, do well, and then move on to Graduate School and be a Dentist. These were very lofty goals for one person to set for themselves. I learned about the Leadership Minor Program in the fall of freshman year, and found it to be a good way to gain another degree and learn some life skills I had never been able to gain through high school. Little did I know how wrong I truly was. The two classes I’ve been through so far have taught me so much more about leading with others, not upon others; and I’ve learned so much more because of it. The most sensible way and the way that I will continue to grow personally as a leader is to finish to two courses left in the sequence and gain the minor degree. I am scheduled to take the Field Experience next semester, and I am
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very excited to see how things go when I am put up as the actual Leader of a group of young people, and not be with a group of wonderful people like this semester went. I see the field experience being the class that emphasizes personal leadership, instead of being in a group and learning to work as a team like that of the PA project. This will be the time in my learning experience where I learn truly how much I can change what is needed from myself personally, because here is where I am going to act as the motivation for a bunch of young people. I’ll take the role of what Blake did during the PA project. I’m definitely going to have to work harder to be as influential as he was to us during our project. There are many variables that can affect the successfulness of the next step though; I’m afraid that at this point in time I have a longer list of these than what I feel that I can bring into guiding young peoples’ lives. Lack of care from the students, lack of communication, are the scariest thing for me to work hard to
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LEADERSHIP FINAL #2 - Matthew Lekatz Final Question#2 EdPa...

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