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Study Guide Answers - Anthropology the field of inquiry...

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Anthropology – the field of inquiry that studies human culture and evolutionary aspects of human biology; includes cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and physical, or biological, anthropology Cultural Anthropology Culture – all aspects of human adaptation, including technology, traditions, language, religion, marriage patterns, and social roles. Culture is a set of learned behavior. Ethnography Linguistic Anthropology – origin with language and communication; language – distinguishing factor Archaeology – study of human cultural past, material culture – artifacts; look into past Artifacts/Material Culture – objects or materials made or modified for use by hominids; the earliest artifacts tend to be tools made of stone or occasionally, bone Evolution – a change in the frequency of alleles from one generation to the next Physical/Biological Anthropology Osteology – study skeletal structure Primatology – study of the primates Paleoanthropology – human evolution and fossil record Science – a body of knowledge gained through observation and experimentation Scientific Method – a research method whereby a problem is identified a hypothesis is stated, and that hypothesis is tested through the collection and analysis of data Hypothesis – a provisional explanation of a phenomenon. Hypotheses require verification or falsification through testing Theory – a broad statement of scientific relationships or underlying principles that has
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Study Guide Answers - Anthropology the field of inquiry...

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