CH 10 outline

CH 10 outline - i The First Year 1 Babblings 2 One-word...

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CH 10: THINKING AND LANGUAGE I. Mental Representations a. Cognition b. Concepts c. Prototypes II. Problem Solving a. Strategies for Problem Solving i. Incubation ii. Means-ends analysis iii. Analogies b. Obstacles to Problem Solving i. Multiple Hypotheses ii. Mental Set iii. Functional Fixedness iv. Confirmation Bias v. Ignoring Negative Evidence III. Decision Making and Judgment a. Heuristics i. Anchoring and Adjustment Heuristic 1. Framing effect ii. The Representativeness Heuristic 1. Conjunction fallacy iii. The Availability Heuristic 1. familiarity, recency, drama, mood 2. Gambler’s Fallacy b. Overconfidence about Decisions c. Belief Perseverance IV. Language a. Infinite generativity b. Language Structure i. Phonology/phonemes ii. Morphology/morphemes iii. Grammar/syntax c. Learning to Speak: Stages of Language Development
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Unformatted text preview: i. The First Year 1. Babblings 2. One-word stage ii. The Second Year 1. Telegraphic speech 2. Overgeneralizing rules d. How is Language Acquired? i. Conditioning, Imitation, Rules ii. Biological Bases for Language Acquisition 1. Noam Chomsky 2. Critical/Sensitive period V. Thinking and Language a. Whorfian Hypothesis b. Linguistic relativity hypothesis/linguistic determinism c. Gender-biased language i. the masculine generic d. Bilingualism VI. Animal Thinking and Language a. Animal thinking i. Form concepts, show insight ii. Use tools, have customs iii. Theory of mind, deception b. Animal language i. Animals communicate ii. Apes and sign language iii. Language is a continuum...
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CH 10 outline - i The First Year 1 Babblings 2 One-word...

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