CH 9 memory outline

Repression and recovery of traumatic memories e

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Unformatted text preview: sion and Recovery of Traumatic Memories e. Discerning True and False Memories i. False memories feel like real memories ii. Flashbulb memories iii. Confidence and vividness do not indicate accuracy Biological Bases of Memory a. The Biochemistry of Memory i. Synaptic changes 1. Long-term potentiation ii. Acetylcholine iii. Hormones b. Brain Structures and Memory i. Hippocampus 1. infantile amnesia ii. Frontal lobe iii. Cerebellum iv. The impact of brain damage 1. Anterograde amnesia a. H.M. b. STM vs LTM c. explicit vs implicit 2. Retrograde amnesia...
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