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John Honochick Composition Dr. Mathis 2-26-08 Across the world, millions of children and teenagers are dreaming the same miraculous dream. This is becoming a professional athlete. Ever since a child picks up his first basketball, kicks his first soccer ball and/or throws for the first time in the back yard with his father, he has aspirations of becoming a professional athlete. And why shouldn’t he? Professional athletes have everything one can ask for, gorgeous women for their picking, millions upon millions of dollars, and the ability to play the sport they love as a job. However, this unlikely dream is not only hurting the futures of many players, but also many of the professional leagues such as the NBA (National Basketball Association). The current NBA rule for players entering the draft is that they must be at least nineteen years of age. Several issues must be looked at when contemplating an age requirement such as lack of experience, maturity and giving advantages to certain college basketball programs. Once taking all of these into consideration, it would not only be helpful to the players but the NBA to raise the current age requirement. Experience, Experience, Experience One of the main concerns for NBA teams is the experience of the players they are receiving. It is one thing proving how good you are against high school basketball players, but it’s another showing it at the collegiate level. Take for example Stanley
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Robinson. Robinson scored an average of just over seventeen points in his senior year in high school. After being ranked the fourteenth best player in the country in 2006 by, a well respected recruiting database, he signed to play at the University of Connecticut, a school with a rich basketball program. In his rookie season as a Connecticut Husky he averaged a mere five points for a mediocre Connecticut team. However, Robinson decided to take the smart decision and come back to play his sophomore year and was able to average over ten points per game while greatly developing his skill against higher caliber opponents. This extra experience will help him prepare for the NBA. It is an even bigger difference between showing it one year in college and
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nba age - John Honochick Composition Dr. Mathis 2-26-08...

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