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Franklin Wheatley

Franklin Wheatley - A Changing of the Times Spontaneity...

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A Changing of the Times: Spontaneity over Planning The second great racial period is that of spontaneous thought. It appears in the  Greek thinkers before Socrates. James M. Baldwin Brian Tetreault Dr. Bader ACS-1001-001 02/02/08
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“Newtonian Organizations in a Quantum Age”, Chapter 2 of Margaret Wheatley’s well renowned book, looks at age old business practices and examines their shortcomings in modern society. That is not to say that these procedures are worthless. Rather, the world has changed, and thus, ideas governing productivity must follow suit. Breaking down the chapter title, we see two words: Newtonian and Quantum. These words refer to two very different, almost converse, forms of physics. Newtonian physics is characterized by linear, one-to-one relationships between objects. It is also distinguished by planning, subdividing, and examining individual parts when performing a task. To understand this more clearly, we need only to look to Benjamin Franklin; one of histories greatest proponents of progress via structured work habits. In one experiment
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