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Les Misérables: “quote -N- notes” Jean Valjean Theme Quote “Who are you? I, What you?, Jean Valjean.” pg. (328) Note: This quote shows that the fight of jean Valjean and Javert still continue, Javert has also been looking for jean Valjean, and when they cam across each other javert did not recognize him at first but they jean Valjean said who he was. Quote “All courage, all virtue, all heroism ,all sanctity , he has it all , Cosette this man is an angel”393” Note:Here it shows that Marius, after he thinking so bad of jean Valjean, seeing him as a criminal, murderer , now knows that jean Valjean save his life and did not boast about saving his life, but was humble and did not want any recognition for it. Marius now sees a humble man and sees jean Valjean as an angel and an angel that saved his life. Character Quote: “Cosette, is it you? Oh my god ” Notes: This shows Jean Valjean as he was sick and him thinking of dying and how horrible a life
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Unformatted text preview:he has had. When he sees that is Cosette , it shows that jean Valjean loves Cosette so much that he was afraid to die and never to see Cosette again In his life. Pg 390Quote: " You save people's lives and you hide it from them(pg. 393) Notes: Here when marius is talking about how jean Valjean saves others peoples lives and he doesn't take any credit, it show how humble and how caring jean Valjean is, no one would try to save someone's life and not take credit for it. It shows how great of a man and father jean Valjean is by saving Cosette's life too. Point of view Quote "If you had known that affair of the sewer,you would have made me stay with you , I should have kept my silent "Notes: here it shows the point of view of jean Valjean, on why he dint told Marius instead of him speaking out. It also shows that jean Valjean wanted to come clean and be delivered from his secrete that he kept inside and was bothering him.