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Article Critiques2 - "Bumping Into Spicy Tasty Words That...

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“Bumping Into Spicy, Tasty Words That Catch Your Tongue”: A Formative Experiment on Vocabulary Instruction by James F. Baumann, Donna Ware, and Elizabeth Carr Edwards was featured in “The Reading Teacher” in October 2007. The article is the description of a vocabulary study on fifth grade students and the outcomes. The purpose of the study was to see the impact on a student’s knowledge of words and their appreciation for words using a comprehensive vocabulary instructional program. The study was developed from previous studies that concluded that students could use structural and contextual analysis to learn new words. The authors knew that there had to be another way to teach vocabulary that was multifaceted. To do this they researched Graves’ comprehensive vocabulary instruction which consists of these four main principles “(1) providing rich and varied language experiences; (2) teaching individual words; (3) teaching word-learning strategies; and (4) fostering word consciousness”. The group used this instruction in a formative experiment, which is a long term
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Article Critiques2 - "Bumping Into Spicy Tasty Words That...

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