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Article Critiques1 - Supporting Phonemic Awareness in the...

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Supporting Phonemic Awareness in the Classroom by Hallie Kay Yopp and Ruth Helen Yopp from “The Reading Teacher” begins with the idea of phonemic awareness and that it is different from other ideas of phonics, auditory discrimination, and phonemes. Phonemic awareness is defined as “The awareness that spoken language consists of a sequence of phonemes”. Phonemes are the smallest units of speech sounds that make a difference in communication. Those that have required the skill of phonemic awareness are able to identify the different phonemes in a word and be able to blend them together to form a word. Phonemic awareness is important for those learning the English language because it makes them realize that the language is based on the concept of small sounds coming together to make sentences. Phonemic awareness is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, being identified as “one of the most important foundations of reading success” according to Every Child Reading: An Action Plan of the Learning First Alliance (1998) and that development should be in prekindergarten and kindergarten. In the article it is suggested that phonemic awareness should be taught with activities that are child appropriate, fun, engaging, playful, and social. Activities like word play, storytelling, nursery rhymes, and riddles aid in teaching phonemic awareness. These activities should be intentional and have the goal of teaching phonemic awareness. Teachers also need to be aware
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Article Critiques1 - Supporting Phonemic Awareness in the...

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