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Jake Terefenko An Inconvenient Truth assignment The message behind Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is that we have to do something about the amount of carbon dioxide that we are putting into the atmosphere. If we don’t do anything about this soon by the end of our lifetime or sometime during our children’s life time the temperature of our planet could become so hot that we will experience extreme weather and our planet could become too hot for us to survive on. To make my carbon footprint smaller I will carpool whenever I can and ride a
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Unformatted text preview: bike or walk to places that are close enough rather than drive. Also when I buy light bulbs I always buy the energy efficient florescent light bulbs. Hopefully what I am doing now will help out our environment. I also plan to keep doing these things as well as more things as I live longer; I hope to pass these ideas to my children so that the earth is a better place for them and all people to live for a long time into the future....
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