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Michelle Cinciripino Project #1 Klein, SPED 102 I define my family as my mother, father, and my brother. My family is usually very close with one another and at some times could be considered as to close with some of our extended family. My father is 100% Italian and for the most part my family acts like a typical Italian family, loud and very opinionated. My dad is the typical patriarch and likes to have control over everything but my mom makes the bulk of the family income and takes care of our basic needs. My mother provides most of the money, buys the groceries, takes us to appointments, and pays the bills, and makes sure that all of our needs are meet. My father was born and raised Catholic and my mother converted before they were married. My brother and I were raised Catholic and for most of our schooling we went to a Catholic school so that was a really big part of our family structure but recently we started to lack that spirituality. Communication in my family is mostly through my mother in which she communicates to my father. My father is very hard to talk to so most of our communication with my father goes through my mother so that she can talk some sense into him. My mother is very understanding, loving, and caring. She is stern but fair and understands that there are things that we want to do that my father doesn’t necessarily like. An example of this is when I wanted to go and visit my boyfriend at school for a weekend and my dad is very old school and doesn’t like that I would be sleeping in the same room as him so my mother allowed me to go and told him I was visiting a friend at a different school. My dad is very strict and is stuck in the ways of his parents and does not understand. He has a very bad temper that is easily set off. My brother is a very troubled person at this point in time. When he
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was younger he was made fun of because he has Tourette syndrome and AD/HD. Lately he had
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SPED102project1 - Michelle Cinciripino Project#1 Klein SPED...

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