SPED102project3 - Michelle Cinciripino Project # 3 Klein,...

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Michelle Cinciripino Project # 3 Klein, SPED 102 Nick is an 18 year old senior at a public high school. Nick is diagnosed with ADHD. He has a very hard time paying attention. When Nick gets bored and can not keep himself focused he usually causes disruptions in the classroom. He has a hard time working in large groups and usually gets off task easily when he is working on something in the classroom. He spends many days in the ISS room which causes him to be disruptive, which gives him more days in ISS. In IQ testing done through the school Nick scored very low on spelling, written language, and written expression. After going through Nick’s poor grades the IEP team came up with these solutions; there will be a checked assignment book, an alternative behavior checklist for when he is overwhelmed, double the allotted time on essay tests, alternate test taking area, study guides, seating to minimize distractions, longer assignments will be broken down with completion dates, and a different setting for ISS days. Another part of Nick’s IEP is that he will look into post- secondary education at a community college, opportunities through the Navy, and for a work
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This essay was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course SPED 102 taught by Professor Klein during the Spring '08 term at Millersville.

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SPED102project3 - Michelle Cinciripino Project # 3 Klein,...

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