Notes - What is "classical" anyway? Classical...

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What is “classical” anyway? • Classical refers to Greek and Roman antiquity • Classical music typically refers to composed music of the Western Tradition • Classical Era, in music, refers to a short cultural period (1750-1820), centered in Vienna, typified by a preoccupation with balance, restraint, elegance, and lightness, especially as compared to the preceding Baroque, and the later Romantic, periods. Apollonian and Dionysian • Apollo: classical, god of light, truth, medicine • Dionysus: romantic, god of wine and inspired madness • This is an ever-present dichotomy in art. It can define a period, but will be present within all periods The Three Big Guys • Franz Joseph Haydn • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart • Ludwig van Beethoven Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) • Child Prodigy – Father was prominent musician – Paraded around Europe like a novelty show • Beyond genius – Works seemed to spring forth, fully formed. • Died young and in debt
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Notes - What is "classical" anyway? Classical...

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