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IR#1 - limited information regarding workers being exposed...

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Jake Terefenko OSEH 120 Internet Research Assignment 1 There are many health dangers on the job site. One of which is the effect of diesel exhaust on workers. Diesel exhaust is an airborne pollutant which has been known to cause health problems to workers in the mining industry, railroad workers, loading dock workers, truck drivers, farmers, and truck and bus mechanics. According to the OSHA website ( http://osha.gov/SLTC/dieselexhaust/index.html ) health effects from diesel exhaust include nausea, head ache, cancer, and respiratory disease. Currently there are no regulations concerning diesel exhaust in the workplace. Another website trying to shed some light on the effects of diesel exhaust on workers is Diesel Net ( http://%20www.dieselnet.com/papers/9710nauss.html ). Diesel Net says that workers exposed to large amounts of diesel exhaust fumes causes a 1.2-1.5 fold increase in the risk of lung cancer. They also go on to say that these numbers are hard to come up with because there is
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Unformatted text preview: limited information regarding workers being exposed to diesel fumes, and these numbers could also be affected by workers smoking cigarettes. Both the OSHA website and Diesel Net say that workers exposed to diesel exhaust fumes could face serious health problems including cancer. These two websites also go on to say that there is no real system in place for making sure workers are not exposed to unhealthy levels of diesel exhaust fumes. This topic relates to my major, biology, because diesel exhaust not only causes harm to workers on the job, but also causes harm to the environment. Diesel exhaust is a major factor in contributing to global warming. The topic of diesel exhaust would also be a good topic for an OSEH major because so far OSHA has nor regulations regarding workers who work around diesel exhaust and their health....
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