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April 2, 2008 Chapter 12 Lecture Points- Working with Parents through the IEP Process 1. No pendency rule from IFSP to IEP- from part C to part B of idea: 2. Use the annotated IEP form to assist in writing the IEP in a professional manner which is also legally defensible: need to use the form when writing the IEP, it is a legal document, needs to be written properly. 3. Decide if and how you will involve pupils in the IEP team meeting. This meeting is far more important that the MDT meeting to review the ER: It is best to invite the student to the IEP meeting, unless it would be harmful to the child. Some examples are fighting between the parents, severity of disability, and age of child, do not want to disrupt their daily schedule, health reason, and child or parents decline. How will the student be involved; are they going to be at the whole meeting, what part are they attending, what is their role. Need to teach our students those skills to be in the meeting, speaking, express their ideas. Need to
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