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Monday March 3, 2008 Chapter 11 Lecture- Families as Partners in Student Evaluation 1. Evaluations are “snapshots in time”- test for special educations then they are going to take student in an office and for a couple hours there will be evaluations. Data will be collected but it is only during that time. That moment in time it is capturing, things like a fever could make a difference in the evaluation because it is not the norm or best effort. Teacher could collect better data because they see them on a good and bad day (Informative data). IDEA says that data is collected from not only the snapshots in time, teacher input, observation, record review, and parents. Benefit of the one on one data and standardized tests- allows us to compare the student to others students of her age/grade. Just getting the teachers opinion you can not really compare the student to another student in the country but other than the others in her class in her curriculum.
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