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Michelle Cinciripino SRV Theme Analysis The Power of Mindsets and Expectancies The power of mindsets and expectancies means that the mindset and expectancies that we have for others directly affects them. If we place a limit on a person’s ability such as saying they will never read past a certain grade level than chances are that they will not. People will not try or challenge themselves or others if a certain expectation is attached to a person. Implementation of this theme will contribute to the enhancement of student valued social roles by not giving students limits to their abilities. Students will have a better mindset on their
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Unformatted text preview: schooling and will not have lowered expectations. By not telling students that they will only perform at a specific level they will not feel like they can not perform to their greatest ability therefore raising their social roles. A method that employs the theme in an educational setting would be challenging students to read above their specified reading level. For example you would not tell a student that they could not read a certain book because it is at a higher level than they are expected to read....
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