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April 7, 2008 IEP- www.pattan.org Signature page does not mean that you do not agree with the IEP it means that they were there Present Levels: grades reported, PSSA scores, TerraNova test. Missing what the student is doing in the curriculum in the classroom. What level they would be in a specific lesson and what they were before, showing progress. Also how they are in content areas (science, math, and social studies), which will be affected by skill areas. Functional achievement: talk about the behavior. Is the student compliant, cooperative, how they get along with teacher and students? How do they function at recess, cafeteria, PE, school bus, and in the hall ways? Goes beyond behavior. Function of self care. Can they use their lockers etc? If you list a need you need to address is in the IEP later as a goal or objective PSSA- if they will participate in the PSSA and if there is any substitutions to time or where they are going to be placed.
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Unformatted text preview: Transition Services: lay out what skills they needed to go into their field of work • Goals: if you take the PSSA you do not have to write objectives. If they take PASA you have to write objectives for the goals. Goal that is trying to increase a positive behavior rather than a negative answer. • Progress on the goals: by a graph. Trend line and aim line. Need to be close to or the IEP needs to be changed. May use a progress “grade” as excellent, good, some, or no. Does not work because it doesn’t give specifics. Can be misleading. • Related services/supplementary services/program modification: the different programs that the student would be involved in. The computers, extra time for test, preferred seating, oral answers to tests. Speech and language therapy, OT, PT, aids, counseling, therapy, etc (people). • Extended school year: specific criteria • Educational placement: private, center, other school district, etc. NORAP...
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