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Caitlin Wright and Michelle Cinciripino Wellness 352 October 15, 2007 Learning Experience Game and Elementary Reading Book Summary The topic we are doing our project on is UNICEF. The day of our presentation we plan on speaking to the class as if they are teachers at a workshop. We hope to implement ways for them to teach about UNICEF and show the students ways they can help other kids living in poverty. We plan on coming up in front of the class and giving them background information about UNICEF; such as when it began, what UNICEF involves and does, and much more. After giving some background information about UNICEF, we are going to show a 10 min long video, which is very interesting and informational about UNICEF. The video is very powerful but appropriate for all ages to watch so it would be used in all levels of elementary school. After watching the video we are going to read one or two books. The one book is about the Different children of the world and is actually published by UNICEF, the other book is about poverty and rights among children. These books can be used in reading corners as a theme for the month of October. Also during this time we are going to go over how to have a pen pal in other countries. After reading the books, we are going to show the boxes that children carry around at Halloween to collect money. During this time we will also show different websites of importance and lesson plans. The websites give a lot of information for parents and teachers to help kids get involved and children can even sign up for news updates on UNICEF and what they can do to help. The lesson plans for teachers are not
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