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Jake Terefenko History of the Middle Ages Einhard, Life of Charlemagne According to Einhard Charlemagne was a large man, his height seven times the size of his foot. He had large dominant eyes, a long nose and fair colored hair. Most times he wore Frankish dress which consisted of linen shirt and pants covered by a fringed silk tunic and always with a sword at his side. Charlemagne enjoyed eating very much, he often said that fasting hurt his health. His meals consisted of four courses plus a roast brought to him by his hunters. On the contrary he was much more moderate with drinking alcohol. He would rarely drink more than three cups wit a meal. Charles was a very good speaker. He spoke his native language and also spoke
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Unformatted text preview: Latin almost as well. He could also understand Greek but could not speak it very well. He also studied the liberal arts with many great educators of the time. He instilled this thought of education in his children as well, and had them all study the liberal arts. Besides this his sons were taught to ride on horse back, practice war, and the chase. His daughters were also taught cloth making and how to handle distaff and spindle. Charles loved the Catholic Church and sent much gold and silver to the church in Rome. Throughout his reign as emperor his greatest wish was to reestablish the ancient authority of Rome and to protect the Church of St. Peter and beautify it with his own riches above all other churches....
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