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Fall 2007 syllabussped101 - SPED 101 Fall 2007 Department...

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SPED 101 Fall 2007 Department of Special Education Millersville University SPED 101: Orientation to Special Education (3 credit hours) Fall 2007 Professor Ellen M. Long, Ph.D. Office Hours Monday 9:00 – 10:00, Wednesday 9:00-11:00 Friday 1:00 – 3:00 E-mail Office: ellen.long@millersville.edu, Please use SPED 101 as subject Phone Office: 717-872-3681 Office 3 Gerhart Hall Department of Special Education Mission Statement Prepare educators to facilitate an empowered and unified P-12 learning community to be successful in the world of people through respect, collaboration, mutuality and the realization of each individual gift. MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY Professional Education Unit Conceptual Framework - Abstract All members of the Millersville University’s Professional Education Unit will create learning communities of inquiry and action, focus on students, and demonstrate exemplary professional practices. 1. Learning Communities of Inquiry and Action: We will engage in learning communities in which reflection, collaboration, lifelong learning, and habits of mind are developed and nurtured. 2. Focus on Students: We will balance knowledge and the principles and concepts delineated in professional and state standards with an appreciation of all students’ individuality, diversity, and cultures. 3. Exemplary Professional Practices: We will demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of exemplary professionals. We will have strong competence in our content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and skills as delineated in professional, state, and institutional standards. We will demonstrate professional dispositions or standards of conduct, will be supportive of students, families, and the school and community, and will serve as catalysts for positive and responsible change. To view the full text of the Conceptual Framework, visit the School of Education web page linked to Millersville University’s web page. Course Description An introductory course for Special Education majors and other students interested in individuals with disabilities emphasizing various practical and theoretical aspects of the field. Included are historical considerations, educational and developmental needs of individuals with disabilities, special education programs, services, resources, and materials. In addition, practical exposure to individuals with disabilities will be emphasized. Course Objectives As a result of the experiences in the course, students will: Briefly describe a historical account of the treatment of exceptional individuals including the aspects of workshop, extermination, ridicule, asylum, education, rehabilitation and hospitalization. Define functional exceptionalities in children. Discuss and evaluate basic educational needs of the intellectually different, the physically different, the culturally
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This note was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course SPED 101 taught by Professor Long during the Fall '07 term at Millersville.

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Fall 2007 syllabussped101 - SPED 101 Fall 2007 Department...

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