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Course Syllabus06psyc100 Thyrum - Course Syllabus Course:...

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Course Syllabus Course: General Psychology - Psyc 100 Millersville University – Fall 2006 Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Thyrum Place/Time: Byerly Rm. 207 - MWF 10-10:50 Course Description: General Psychology offers an introduction to the scientific study of behavior, with an emphasis on learning and memory theory, emotions, brain and behavior, abnormal psychology, development, personality, and social psychology. Course Goals : General Psychology provides an opportunity for you to become familiar with the major areas of psychology. During this course, I would like to help you. .. 1) gain an understanding of how psychology uses research methods to study behavior and mental processes, 2) appreciate the ways that psychological knowledge may be applied to everyday life, 3) become familiar with and apply the terms developed by psychologists for representing behavior and mental processes, and 4) understand the questions that psychologists are exploring today and then generate your own questions. Course Requirements: 1) You are expected to attend and participate in all classes and exams . Attendance and class participation are very important aspects of this course. Class attendance will be taken throughout the term. During class time, you may be asked to work in small groups, as a means of discussing and applying material to your own experiences. Active participation in these activities will be beneficial for your understanding of the concepts. 2) You will be given a worksheet or assignment to complete for many chapters.
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This note was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course PSYCH 100 taught by Professor Dr.leuk during the Spring '08 term at Millersville.

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Course Syllabus06psyc100 Thyrum - Course Syllabus Course:...

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