educ2203 - 3 Teacher must introduce text based features and...

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April 2, 2008 Content Area Instruction Examples: Math, Science, Social Studies They are more informational: nonfiction, expository text Narrative has plot, setting and characters compared to expository does not. Vocabulary word under physical education: BMI Exercise Endurance Cardiovascular system Resting heart rate Target heart rate Strength Flexibility Balance Accuracy Technical terms/vocabulary: Relate to a specific subject and they are words that are not used every day. Students need some vocabulary instruction before introducing these content subjects Values of Content area trade books: Expository 1. Promotes intense schema building 2. Connected to varied interests 3. Promotes greater depth of understanding Guidelines for using content trade books 1. Teacher must integrate content books into the curriculum 2. Teacher must know objectives and concepts being presented
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Teacher must introduce text based features and technical vocabulary; like bold face print, index, glossary, pictures Can use an anticipation guide for content books Readability formula : to figure out the level of difficulty, content books do not have a specific grade level. By vocabulary and how long the sentences are. Content Pyramid; like the story pyramid: see handout There is an expository Text evaluation 1. Accuracy and current 2. Organization and layout (text based features); table of contents, etc. 3. Cohesion of ideas; major ideas are logically connected throughout the text, sentence level ideas are logically connected to each other, respects reader’s probable background knowledge 4. Specialized vocabulary; defined as it is introduced, pictures, and glossary 5. Reader interest...
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educ2203 - 3 Teacher must introduce text based features and...

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