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Combine the material in the two chapters and develop "the moral of the story" (so to speak). Using that moral write a short, short story (four paragraphs or more) that examples and gives life to the meaning / moral. These stories are sufficiently thought out as to be appropriate to share with Dr. Schwartz (I WILL SEND HIM THE STORIES). The development of the moral and subsequent stories are designed to give the benefit of "new-eyes" to what is presented in the chapters. Do not attempt to be correct or write what you think I (the professor) wants to read. Let the moral emerge from the combination of the material and your voice (heart). The story then also comes from the fictionalization of your experiences. Be introspective, creative and take risks to make a point that reflects the "moral of the story" as well as teaches a lesson useful to people who are vulnerable and the people who work for them (nurses, nurses aids, teachers, group home workers, prison guards, etc). BE SURE TO READ A COUPLE OF SHORT
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