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chem112 iannone sp07 - Chemistry 112 Dr. Mark Iannone...

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Chemistry 112 Dr. Mark Iannone Office hours: W, Th 2-4, F 12-1 mark.iannone@ Course materials Zumdahl, Chemistry , 7th edition Greco, Rickard and Weiss, Experiments in General Chemistry , 9th ed. Bound lab notebook (continue in 111 notebook) Lab safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields Calculator with log , ln functions and exponential (scientific) notation. Tentative schedule Week of Lecture/reading Laboratory exams (tentative) 1/15 Ch. 12 Chemical Kinetics Kinetics : Expt 15 1/22 Finish Expt. 15, begin Equilibrium constant: Expt. 16 Quiz 1/29 Ch. 13 Chemical Equilibrium Expt. 16 Quiz 2/5 Le Chatelier principle : Expt. 14 Exam 2/12 Ch. 14, 15 Acids and bases Qual 2 : Expts 36, 37 Quiz 2/19 Qual 2 Quiz 2/26 Ka : Expt. 19 Exam 3/5 Ch. 16 Thermodynamics Buffers : Expt. 20 Quiz 3/12 Spring break 3/19 Finish Qual 2, begin Qual 3 : Expts. 33, 38 Quiz 3/26 Ch. 17 Electrochemistry Qual 3 Quiz 4/2 Ch. 18-19 Descriptive chemistry Faraday const. : Expt 24 Exam 4/9 Tu, W Makeup days Qual 3 Quiz 4/16 Ch. 20-22 as time permits Finish Qual 3 Quiz 4/23 Penny : Expt 28 Exam 4/30 Th, F Reading days: no classes checkout 5/10 Final exam 8:00am Final exam Objectives At the conclusion of Chemistry 112, the student should have a basic understanding of chemical kinetics and equilibrium thermodynamics, including electrochemistry and weak acid/base equilibria; have the ability to set up and solve quantitative problems in these areas; have a general knowledge of the descriptive chemistry of the
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This note was uploaded on 04/09/2008 for the course CHEM 112 taught by Professor Iannone during the Spring '07 term at Millersville.

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chem112 iannone sp07 - Chemistry 112 Dr. Mark Iannone...

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