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Sam Huebner 01/22/08 Oral and Written Communication First Essay Chapter 30, “Hot and Cool Media”, of 50 Ways to Understand Communication stood out to me because its title seemed to be a topic that would interest me. I have always been interested in various forms of media and their uses in different means of communication. In the chapter, the author evaluates the distinction between what he calls “hot media” and “cold media”. After reading the chapter, I was not entirely convinced of his argument due to his lack of necessary supporting facts. Marshall McLuhan makes a clear assumption on what defines hot media and cool media. A hot medium, he argues, extends a sense in what he calls high definition. When he says high definition, he means that something is filled with data. Cool media, on the other hand, would be considered low definition, or lacking data. I believe that these assumptions are self-defined by McLuhan with very little support. His argument is original but also seems to have very little purpose. Defining different forms of media as hot or cool does not help progress our understanding of communication and language. I do not believe that McLuhan makes a strong argument in his article due to a lack of reasoning and clarity. The chapter includes several examples of both hot and cool media. Hot media consists of photographs, radio, First World countries, Films, and several other examples. On the other side, cool media consists of cartoons, telephones, Third World countries, Television, etc. The biggest
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OralWritten1stpaper - Sam Huebner Oral and Written...

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