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Huebner 1 Sam Huebner 03/03/08 Oral and Written Communication Prof. Creed “The Perfect, Artificial Woman” In 50 Ways to Understand Communication , Arthur Asa Berger uses several examples in advertising to display efficient uses of communication. Advertising sends messages to potential customers whether they wish to listen or not. The results of advertising are impressive due to the ability of marketing companies to efficiently communicate to people. In chapter 26, the artificial image of women, as portrayed by advertisements, is argued to be more of a fantasy than an actual human woman. Because advertising companies are financially motivated, they are willing to do whatever they need to do to design successful advertisements. The beauty product industry is an excellent example of the effects of advertising. Anthony J. Cortese describes the woman portrayed by advertisers as the provocateur , an image of the ideal beautiful woman that arouses a feeling or action. This definition is important when understanding the goal of the chapter which is to understand communication and how it relates to the images of women in advertising. The most important idea is that, somehow, the provocateur is able to arouse feelings or actions from the viewer. By displaying perfect beauty, through youth, good looks, and sexual seductiveness, this image is surprisingly effective at selling a product. The company is telling women, and even men, that by purchasing and using their product, anyone can attain the impossible image of the provocateur . Although it is not a verbal message, the image portrayed by advertisers is far more effective than any other form of advertising. Cortese doesn’t consider the
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oralwritten4 - Huebner 1 Sam Huebner 03/03/08 Oral and...

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