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Huebner 1 Sam Huebner 02/21/08 Prof. Creed Oral and Written Communication “Fashion: An Unexpected Mean of Communication” Whether we admit it or not, fashion has become a significant aspect of almost every person’s life. For some intangible reason, humans are driven to wear certain styles of clothing. The common style obviously varies for males and females but the cause of this separation is not as obvious. Ruth P. Rubinstein and Arthur Asa Berger efficiently propose and analyze several causes for fashion choice and its role on communication in chapter 20 of 50 Ways to Understand Communication . There is no doubt that men and women naturally act differently. This is evident in each gender’s choice of fashion and reasoning behind these choices. Since men and women treat and view their bodies differently, it is not surprising that their choice of fashion is different. Even at an age of as young as two years old, we are able to use fashion differences between men and women to classify people by gender. I found Rubinstein’s argument for the cause of fashion distinctions between genders to be most convincing. She relates everything down to the basis of how each gender treats and views his or her body. Men, she argues, use their bodies in a straightforward manner in order to manipulate, grasp, and hold. Women, on the other hand, are socialized to convey that their bodies are delicate and precious, through their choice of fashion. Instead of manipulation and strength portrayed by men, women are “supposed to caress objects and people.” These distinctions are significant because they seem to portray men as more important than women. Rubinstein points out a similar viewpoint to her own in her excerpt. J.C. Flugel, a psychologist, argues that gender distinctions in fashion are caused by sexual interdependence.
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Huebner 2 The argument of sexual interdependence is very similar to Rubinstein’s argument. Flugel points out that everyone assumes that sex-based difference in fashion is a natural occurrence. His
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oralwritten3 - Huebner 1 Sam Huebner 02/21/08 Prof. Creed...

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