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Huebner 1 (Sorry it’s in blue, printer ran out of ink.) Sam Huebner 2/07/08 Oral and Written Communication Prof. Creed “Advertising’s Hidden Forces” Advertising has become a large part of every person’s life. Throughout a person’s lifetime, they will be exposed to thousands of advertisements, each one attempting to draw them into consumption. In “The Power of Advertising in Capitalist Societies”, a chapter in 50 Ways to Understand Communication, Arthur Berger interprets the use and effects of advertising on society. Advertising has changed the relationship between producers and consumers, leaving consumers at the hand of manipulative advertisements and changing consumers’ views of even themselves. In the excerpt of Critique of Commodity Aesthetics: Appearance, Sexuality and Advertising in Capitalist Society , Wolfgang Haug begins by stating that advertising treats human targets as commodities. This has proven to be very successful for companies. As a child, we are exposed to the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes and the tobacco industry’s advertising tricks that attempt to draw in a young crowd. The tobacco industry never cared about the health of its target market; instead, the industry treated them as commodities. As commodities, it is much easier to attract their target market. When a young man sees a cigarette advertisement featuring a tough-looking guy with an attractive woman, the young man unconsciously associates smoking with the image in the advertisement. By doing so, the young man will be more likely to smoke as an unconscious attempt to become the tough-looking guy with that attractive woman.
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Comm2ndEssay - Huebner 1 (Sorry its in blue, printer ran...

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