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classreview - Karlwitz – A treaty in 1699 that gave the...

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Hamas – a radical Islamic organization that denies the existence of the Jewish state in Israel. It has executed acts of terrorism, and is considered a terrorist organization by many. They are based in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and now run the Palestinian government. Meritocracy – in relation to Safavid Empire, the Empire was designed to be a meritocracy, but it didn’t work out in practice.
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Unformatted text preview: Karlwitz – A treaty in 1699 that gave the Austrians control of Hungary, and forced the Ottomans to protect Christians within their empire. It symbolized and forshadowed the continuing Ottoman decline. Pogroms – raids and forced emigrations of Jews from Russia and Eastern Europe during the 19 th century. The Zionist movement arose out of a desire to escape such pogroms....
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