325lect - higher yield plants could be used to deliver...

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3/25 lecture Gene Enhancement - not currently practiced on humans Idea- give embryos genes for favorable traits, intelligence, strength, etc ETHICS?!?!? 4. Genetic Engineering Genetically altering an organism a. traditional techniques have been used for centuries include hybridization, selective breeding the traits we desire are chosen for breeding future generations larger grains of wheat bananas with no seeds **all genetic modification is within same (or closely related) species** disadvantage – takes a long time b. transgenic organisms *has genes from OTHER SPECIES, can be from other kingdoms ex: fish genes in strawberries modern molecular techniques are used to transfer genes methods for moving genes include viruses, “gene guns” Genetically modified Foods (GMFs) = transgenic foods widely distributed in US exs: soybeans, corn Potential advantages crop resistance to insects, disease
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Unformatted text preview: higher yield plants could be used to deliver vaccines, other medicines Potential disadvantages negative effects on human health, allergic reactions environmental effects potential harm to wild species genes could get transferred to wild population big corporations vs small farms 5. Cloning producing a genetically identical organism like a delayed twin Dolly (sheep), 1997, 1 st clone from an adult animal cell o Nuclear transfer = took DNA from udder cell and fused it with an egg that had no DNA o Egg was implanted in surrogate mother Humans and Cloning Laws against human cloning have been passed Therapeutic cloning of stem cells o Potential to treat disease Diabetes, parkinsons alzheimers, spinal cord injuries o Or to replace damaged organs...
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325lect - higher yield plants could be used to deliver...

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