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Greenhouses gases are the primary reason for global warming. A greenhouse gas is a component of the atmosphere that contributes to the retention of heat or “global warming”. Examples of greenhouse gases include, CO 2 , N 2 O, and CH 4 as well as many others. Greenhouse gases are defined by whether or not they absorb infrared radiation. This is determined by the stretching of its molecule binds. If the stretching is asymmetrical then the molecule absorbs infrared. These gases help increase the temperature by capturing long wave radiation and thus warming the atmosphere. The issue of global warming is one which people should be greatly concerned with. Temperatures have slowly been increasing over a period of the last 20 years, and if that’s not a warning sign I don’t know what is. If we let this trend continue life will become uncomfortable and eventually unlivable. If action is not taken we will regret it in time. The influx of gas is the result of many factors. One is simple population growth; the
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