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Matthew Mackenzie Organic Chemistry Lab 10/23/07 Lab #4- Extraction Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to learn about and perform an extraction procedure. It is a valuable process that basically keeps the world running as it is involved in the production of coffee. Results and Conclusions: The extractions each yielded a solid return after gravity filtration. Extraction #1 returned .14g of Benzoic acid, while Extraction #2 produced 1.73g of 4- tertButylphenol, and extraction #3 1.28g of 1-dimethoxybenzene. This yields a net return of 3.15g which is higher than the starting mass of 3.00g of solute. This differential can
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Unformatted text preview: most likely be attributed to water weight that remained after filtration and did not air out properly. The real returns are most likely significantly lower than represented. For melting points the extracted Benzoic acid melted at 92 o C, which is lower than its cataloged melting point of 122 o C. 4-tertButylphenol had a melting point of 65 o C while, 1-dimethoxybenzene had a melting point of 48 o C. The error in benzoic acid’s melting point range is most likely due to the substance being heated to quickly and not by one degree per minute. Please see attached sheet with calculated percent yields...
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