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ART303-musical lesson

ART303-musical lesson - ART 303 Primary Lesson Plan Grade...

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ART 303 Primary Lesson Plan Grade Level: 1 st grade Project: Musical Watercolors Motivation : Ask students what kind of music they like to listen to. Have them describe why they like that music and how it makes them feel. Discuss how the tempo of different kinds of music can relate to the mood, and then how different colors can express mood. Ask how many of the students have played musical chairs before. Materials : Watercolors White paper (any size, 8.5”x10” works well) Smaller paint brushes Water cups Newspaper Masking tape CD mix (with different types of music) CD player Procedure : 1. Each student will tape their sheet of paper down to the table, making sure their name is on the paper somewhere in the corner. 2. When the first song begins to play, they will try to capture the song on their paper with a color and different types of brush strokes. 3. When the song stops, they must stop what they are doing, and move to the person’s paper next to them.
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