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professional dispositions

professional dispositions - 2 Good teachers express...

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ART 303 My Personal Professional Dispositions Always be on time to work (class) Be prepared (materials, lesson plans, etc.) Be understanding towards students’ backgrounds and personal beliefs Try hard not to pre-judge students Keep good contact with parents, when student is doing well as well as having trouble Be dedicated to what you do, keep up professional development by joining regional/national groups Make sure the community is involved in what you do in the classroom Have an open mind towards new ideas and methods Make sure all students have an equal opportunity towards learning, there should be a variety of different styles of teaching and assessment Professional dispositions of good teachers (http://www.educ.wsu.edu/TL/dispositions.htm) 1. Good teachers are active, respectful participants in discussions.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Good teachers express themselves clearly and effectively. 3. Good teachers listen thoughtfully and responsively. 4. Good teachers engage in lifelong learning, aided by reflection and assessment of new information and ideas. 5. Good teachers interact effectively, respectfully, and empathetically across a wide range of situations and people. 6. Good teachers work to ensure system-wide high quality learning opportunities and experiences for all students. 7. Good teachers seek understanding of complex issues in order to solve problems both independently and collaboratively. 8. Good teachers are committed to mastering best practices informed by sound theory. 9. Good teachers are responsible colleagues....
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