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Psych 101 Paper 2 - Lauren Furlong Psych 101 Being a...

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Lauren Furlong March 25, 2008 Psych 101 Being a teenager in college, love is popular topic. We are constantly trying to figure out what love means, and everything that it involves. When I saw that the second part of The Road Less Traveled was solely about love, I was excited. I was hoping to receive guidance and answers to many of my questions about love from this chapter. After reading this chapter, I did not receive any guidance and none of my questions were answered. Due to Peck’s negative outlook on love, I was left uninformed and even more confused about love. I always believed that “falling in love” was a process that takes a lot of time and happens between two people destined for marriage. I believe that “falling in love” is after dating a person for so long, you realize you cannot picture your life without them. You are willing to sacrifice anything to make your partner satisfied. I believe that when you have fallen in love, it’s only toward one person, and will last you a lifetime. According to Peck, falling in love is purely sexually motivated.
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Psych 101 Paper 2 - Lauren Furlong Psych 101 Being a...

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