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Assignment 2 - 2. Problem 2.79 on Page 54. 3. Problem 2.89...

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ENG 035 Statics Assignment 2 Due on Oct. 17 th , 2006 1. The force F has a magnitude of 500 lb and acts along the line AM , where M is the midpoint of the vertical side OB of the parallelepiped. Express F as its magnitude times the appropriate unit vector and determine its x- , y- , and z- scalar components. (Note: the z -axis of the coordinate system points vertically).
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Problem 2.79 on Page 54. 3. Problem 2.89 on Page 55. 4. A ball, which weighs 200 N , is being exerted on by 3 external forces. Computer the magnitude of F such that the summation of forces in the x-direction and y-direction is both zero. Also, compute the angle of force F . 5. Problem 3.2 on Page 89. 6. Problem 3.14 on Page 91....
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