Lecture 4- Accept Cloning

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January 23, 2008 Page 1 Cloning Raanan Gillon’s “Human Reproductive Cloning: A Look at the Arguments Against It and A Rejection of Most of Them” I. Gillon’s Overall Conclusion A. Reproductive human cloning, though not inherently wrong, at this time is unsafe. B. Thus it would be immoral to practice it now . C. But in the future the benefits can outweigh any harms II. Anti-Cloning Arguments and Gillon’s Responses A. Argument #1 : The ‘Yuk’ argument (a.k.a the wisdom of repugnance argument.) 1. But, moral feelings by themselves cannot indicate to us what is right and wrong a) Ie: slavery, inter-racial marriage, cutting people B. Argument #2 : Cloning is unnatural , therefore it is wrong 1. But what does ‘ unnatural ’ refer to? Any process, thing, or state of affairs that involves or is the result of human intervention? 2. It’s within our nature to act morally. Perhaps ‘ unnatural ’ refers to anything that undermines our ability to act morally. 3.
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